In the last hundred years, the fashion men wore to the office and for formal occasions was dour and same-y. Looking at men’s business attire through the 1900s, you’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t much fun to be had from 1900-1999. That wasn’t always the case. Men’s fashion in the 1700s, for example, was full of frills and color. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be the case in the future either. You get to define what men’s fashion looks like. Here are a few ways men can have fun with their fashion choices and bring a little excitement to the traditional suit and tie.

Splashes of Color

A boldly colored shirt or jacket can really make your personal style stand out in a crowd, but if that’s too overwhelming for you, consider just a splash of color to enliven your look. Break out of boring black and bring a colorful pocket square, tie, or socks to your outfit.


Pay attention to your accessories. Shoes, hats, belts, and bags are just a few examples of items that can spice up your style. A flashy watch is a time-honored way to bring some flavor, and even a cell phone case can make a statement that adds to your personal sense of fashion.

Personal Grooming

With beards back in style and long hair as popular as short, there’s a whole world of grooming options available to men. A variety of beards, mustaches, and hairstyles are fashionable and well worth trying out, if you’re willing to put a little time and effort into your personal grooming.

Express Yourself

The point is to be adventurous and make a statement. Don’t let your personal sense of style be bounded by the black suits and dour styling of past eras. You get to define what dapper means in this day and age, so why not enjoy yourself?