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The 18th century introduced with it the beginnings of a new period for women as some of the more progressive nations in Europe started to regard women as more than property. The Elizabethan era introduced the Renaissance, new considering to England. Elizabethan women from wealthy and noble households were typically allowed the privilege of an. Training. The girls of Noble beginning had been invariably taught by tutors at house and Elizabethan ladies had been taught from the age of 5, and even younger. Numerous languages were taught together with Latin, Italian, Greek and French. Music and dancing abilities had been important for Elizabethan women. Elizabethan women were not allowed to go to university.

In bringing together feeling and thought, fairly than separating them and dividing one for lady and one for man, Mary Wollstonecraft was also offering a critique of Rousseau, one other defender of private rights but one who …

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