6 Most Unique Fragrances for Summer

If collecting unique perfume bottles is your thing, then this post is dedicated especially for you. These designer fragrances are not only charming in packaging but also sweet and fresh in scents. Whether you’re a fruity or floral kinda person, I got it all for you. From hip, fun and trendy, to elegant, glamorous and ultra-feminine. What do you say, shall we start?

  1. Hermes Eau des Merveilles 3.3oz. US$133.

Fairy tale lovers must love this special new fragrance from Hermes. Not only does it look dreamy and magical but the scent is also sweet and romantic. A gorgeous blend of wood and amber, enter the fantasy land with this starry splash.

  1. Justin Bieber Girlfriend 1.7oz. US$49.

For more flirty and fun mood, you can definitely count on this fruity scent. Enjoy the refreshing fragrances of pear, apricot, orange blossom, vanilla and many more!

  1. Lancome La Vie est Belle Perfume. 2.5oz.
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